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Find a place. Explore your options!

Search for a specific travel location or explore all destinations. Check out details about each property; photos, amenities, bedrooms, bathroom details, and see nearby activities and restaurants.

Contact for property availability

Contact us if you have any property listings questions. We are here to help you make the right vacation decision.

Book your vacation rental

We will send you a rental agreement from the homeowner explaining policies, pricing, payments, deposits, check-in/check-out procedures for your upcoming stay. Send your deposit to secure your vacation rental. All payments are received via PayPal or credit card.

Check-in. Relax. Have a great trip!

Your great vacation rental is waiting for you. Enjoy your stay!

How to List

List your property for FREE

Call +1 (323) 345-6534 or create a listing to begin the process of listing your property.

Provide listing details

Provide photos, rental rates, list all features, property location, and provide any special terms or conditions.

Preview your listing

Once we notify you that your listing is live, look it over to ensure that all information is correct and updated. Contact us should you need to revise information about your listing.

Receive bookings

Once your property is requested for a booking, you can accept or decline the request. 2NDKEY facilitates the vacation rental process between you and the vacation renters. This provides a very unique service to our travelers expecting impeccable hospitality. Then sit back, relax and feel confident that your rental is in good hands.